Airport, Sinamangal, Kathmandu

Govt. Lic. No. 661/063/064

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Human Resource Consultancy

Our market research team will provide the Information to the clients/ employers on the type of workforce along with their characteristics from Nepal which can help them make right hiring decisions.

Sourcing & Screening

We will adopt a proactive sourcing approach to find the most qualified applicants, maintain a database, and then use that database to meet the needs of the clients/employers. 

Training & Upskilling

We assess the candidates to provide them the necessary training interns of language, health and safety, and other skills in order to bridge the gap between the capabilities candidates have and the jobs require.

Labor Market Research

We work as an HR consultancy to the employers on management, hiring procedure and other issues related to Human Resource which helps the organization on building effective long-term human resource capabilities.

Visa and Documentation

We work closely with and assist candidates throughout the documentation and visa application procedure to ensure visa submissions are error-free and successful.

HR Placement

One of our goals is to place the right individual in the right job, therefore we conduct extensive research on both the firm and the prospective employer and support the workers accordingly.

HR Welfare

Our responsibility does not end along with the placement of the workers. In addition, we will remain in contact with them throughout their employment and assist them if they encounter any problems abroad.